About Eyes

I’m a 54 year old, middle class, Caucasian, married, male, who like most Americans, is just struggling to survive. I am afraid to make any major moves or commitments, to anything beyond tomorrow, because I have no idea what to expect in the next week, month or year. I’ve been supporting myself for over 30 years, but have never seen anything like what this country is going through right now… especially, for the past 4 years.

What Obama is doing to our country, and his plans for our future, is criminal. He is going against everything this country was built on. Another 4 years of this, and we won’t even have a country, which appears to be his “Master Plan”.

I’ve never been much of a “joiner”, I don’t consider myself to be either Republican or Democrat , although I find, I do tend to lean more to the right. I am certainly no expert in politics,  and never really paid a whole lot of attention… until now. I read all I can every day, from both sides of the media aisle, so I will be adding my thoughts on a regular basis, with regard to news items and common sense. I do know that there are always 3 sides to every story, and it’s the politician’s and media’s job to spin every topic to their side.

There are so many things going on in this country that are wrong , that don’t make any sense to me. Is there anybody in Washington, DC that has just a little bit of common sense? It certainly doesn’t appear so.

I started this web site to give a forum to the normal guy, like me, who is just trying to support their families and survive.

Although it’s called PoliticalEyes (say it fast), I don’t intend this site to be only about politics. It’s just that right now, the condition of the country and concern for  my family and friends is paramount in my thoughts. Believe me; I will have plenty of non-political things to say as time goes on. I welcome everyone else’s input, as well. At this point in time we still have the first amendment, so we can say whatever is on our minds.

(This is definitely a work in progress)

I don’t want to bail out a car manufacturer.
I don’t want to bail out a bank.
I don’t want to bail out any failed business. Who’s gonna bail me out, if my business fails?
I don’t want to invest in Green companies.
I don’t want to support wars in other countries.
I don’t want to pay welfare checks to people that are too lazy to work.
I don’t want to pay for others medical insurance, while I’m already paying for my own.
I don’t want the government making any decisions for me… period.
I do want to make my own decisions, about what’s right for me.
I do want to work hard, and be able to reap the benefits, without having to “spread the wealth”.
I do want to aspire.
I do want to dream.
To be continued…