Obama Shame

The Collapsing Obama Doctrine

Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. By Dick Cheney And Liz Cheney As the terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) threaten Baghdad, thousands of slaughtered Iraqis in their wake, it is worth recalling a few of President Obama’s past statements […]

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How is the Affordable Care Act affordable?

I just got the letter today. My health insurance has gone from $1002/month to $1450/month – a 45% increase. I’m really glad I’ve been responsible all these years, paying my own way, never asking for a handout. And yet, it’s still not enough. How is the Affordable Care Act affordable? Oh wait, I get it. […]

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This Just In From… CNN? ‘Prostitution, Drugs Alleged in State Department Memo’

By Ashley Fantz, CNN (CNN) — Senior State Department and Diplomatic Security officials may have covered up or stopped investigations of inappropriate or even criminal misconduct by staff, according to an internal memo from the department’s Office of the Inspector General. The timeline surrounding the allegations places the incidents during former Secretary of State Hillary […]

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PRISM: ‘They Quite Literally Can Watch Your Ideas Form As You Type’

by Ben Shapiro 6 Jun 2013, 4:42 PM PDT When the UK Guardian reported on Wednesday that the Obama National Security Administration had been issued a blanket surveillance order allowing it to seize millions of Americans’ phone records, Obama defenders quickly assured Americans that the request seizures did not extend to the content of conversations. […]

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White House Explains: Obama Didn’t Know What He Knew When Everyone Else Knew What He Should Have Known

By: Zero Hedge | Monday, May 20, 2013 Yesterday, when we reported that as a result of new disclosures regarding the timing of who learned what, but most importantly when, in the White House regarding the IRS persecution (if not prosecution) of conservative groups, we made it quite clear that the narrative enacted by the […]

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